Re: [IC-7000] IC700 and PRO7 IC headset RFI on my rig

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If you have the head remoted be sure you have the small screw that attaches the control cable to the main unit in place! Loss of that ground point will cause lots of RFI issues.

Perry K4PWO

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Subject: [IC-7000] IC700 and PRO7 IC headset RFI on my rig


I have RFI on my rig screen when I transmit using the Heil PRO7 IC Headset and Microphone.

However, when I tried the headset/microphone on my mates IC7000 rig no such problem exists.

Using a ICOM AH4 ATU , antenna is delta loop cut for 40m , coax feed and 4.1 balun at the apex fed point of the delta.

No separation cable in use as it is a operated as a base station.

Grounding to water pipe system of house.

I tried a loop of coax with ferrite on the rear of the rig.

I have tried ferrites on the leads of the headset.

Grounded to rear of rig and AH4 ATU.

I would love to hear from you with any solutions how to stop the RFI in my IC7000 rig

73 Colin VK2JCC

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