Re: IC700 and PRO7 IC headset RFI on my rig

Charles & Sandra Cohen


My memory could be wrong, but I think the AH-4 is a "long-wire" tuner, designed to be mounted at the antenna feedpoint.

I think the AH-4 ATU should be mounted at the feedpoint of the Delta Loop, and _directly connected_ to it.  The "hot" terminal to one end of the loop, and the "ground" terminal to the other.

Run coax from the rig to the AH-4.  No 4:1 balun needed.  You might need a "choke balun" on the coax, at the IC-7000's output.

Another question:

. . . How close is your antenna, to your rig?

Sometimes, if they're close together, the problem is direct radiation from the antenna, not grounding, or feedling common-mode current.

.    Charles VA7CPC

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