IC700 and PRO7 IC headset RFI on my rig

Colin Christie


I have RFI on my rig screen when I transmit using the Heil PRO7 IC  Headset and Microphone.

However, when I tried the headset/microphone on my mates  IC7000 rig no such problem exists.

Using a ICOM AH4  ATU , antenna is delta loop cut for 40m ,  coax feed and 4.1 balun at the apex fed point of the delta.

No separation cable in use as it is a operated as a base station.

Grounding  to water pipe system of house.

I tried a loop of coax with ferrite on the rear of the rig.

I have tried ferrites on the leads of the headset.

Grounded to rear of rig and AH4 ATU.

I would love to hear from you with any solutions how to stop the RFI in my IC7000 rig

73 Colin VK2JCC

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