RF getting into rig screen shows distortion

Colin Christie


Thanks for viewing.

Running a IC7000 as a base station now for 4 years and have never had an issue with RF getting into the rig.

On transmit the screen shows RF distortion on 14mhz and 7 mhz HF only.

Recently purchased a new HEIL headset/microphone and while using it noticed the problem. I was ready to blame the new headset/microphone until I plugged in the hand microphone and found the same issue . Its the first time I have every had this problem.

Running a AH4 ATU 4:1 balun into a 40m loop. Power output 100watts

Up until now had absolutely no problems running this arrangement. I have the rig grounded outside.

I would be interested to hear from you if you have any theories of what the problem might be and how to address the problem.

cheers  73

 Colin VK2JCC

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