Re: [IC-7000] Rig Control Software?

Roger Taylor

I use CQRLOG which integrates dx clusters, rig control, and on line
logging and is free.

Similarly CHIRP, also free, is excellent for programming the memories
but you need to use the daily builds in order to use all the memory banks.

Roger, GW4HZA.

On 16/09/16 18:52, [ic7000] wrote:

Ok, I am finally getting my HAM shack set up and getting on the air with
HF. A few friends recommended some logging software to check out and I
noticed on the shareware version of HRD that it has a pretty good RIG
Control software that helps me scan the band to find out what channels
have activity. I LOVE that capability!

Are there any other software that have this capability I can try before
I put this on my Christmas gift list? I noticed the commercial version
is a tad pricey, but it may be worth it?

Thanks. Hopefully we meet on the HF waves soon!

Steve KD8QZT

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