Re: 6 pin DIN data socket operation

Charles & Sandra Cohen

I can tell you how it works on the IC-706, and I'll bet it's the same on the IC-7000:

. . . The signal for VOX activation is derived from the output of the microphone preamp.

. . . You _cannot_ use VOX if the audio input comes from the DATA jack, 
. . .  since that signal doesn't run through the mic preamp.

My _guess_ is that , if you use CAT commands to go from RX to TX, the input from the DATA jack _will_ be picked up, and used for audio drive.  

By design, you are _supposed_ to use the PTT line on the DATA jack itself, when using audio input from the DATA jack.

FWIW (you didn't ask this question):

Over several years of watching "digital mode" forums, I've noticed that the interface that's most likely to work, trouble-free, is the Tigertronics SignaLink USB.  That just does audio in/out (to the computer) and PTT (to the rig).  It doesn't handle CAT commands, or "true RTTY", or on/off CW..

.   Charles / VA7CPC 

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