Re: [IC-7000] Completely DEAD 7000

Raymond M. Burns

Perhaps corrosion on power circuit board. Try cleaning up connections

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016, 09:16AM -04:00 from "timdapice@... [ic7000]" <ic7000@...>:



I have had an Icom 7000 mobile for years. About two years ago, I stopped using it, but it sat in the trunk of my vehicle. It was always wired right, fused, etc. I recently tried turning it on, but it won't even make a relay click.

I pulled the rig from the vehicle and put it on the bench with a 20A PSU and it wont turn on.

I checked the blade fuses and the one 5A internal fuse on the front.

I may send the rig to Icom, but before I do that, (I wont open this up and make things worse unless I hear that there is a possible fuse or diode to check) I want to ask the group for any experience with this issue.

The rig worked fine for years, it just sat for two in varying seasons. Maybe a cold solder joint...





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