Re: [IC-7000] REF adjust without WWV

Roger Taylor

Here in the UK the MF AM broadcasting stations have a very tight
tolerance regarding transmission frequencies. This is due to multiple
re-use of the same frequencies and the need to avoid heterodynes.

Do you have a strong local station to use as an accurate frequency source?

Roger GW4HZA

On 20/03/16 14:23, Ryan Scott Bardsley [ic7000] wrote:
Hi guys,

Is there any way to use something like a function generator to calibrate
the REF adjust on my IC-7000 without having to tune to WWV? I have a 10m
dipole on my roof and can't get the WWV signal at all. I have been
playing with WSPR and PSK31 and was just reading my manual again. There
isn't a lot of info under REF adjust and I was wondering if someone can
help me understand what is going on a bit better.

I can see wanting to zero beat WWV in the field, but didn't know if
there was some way of accomplishing the same thing with a function
generator, oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer in a basement? :)


KC1EIL, Ryan

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