Re: Help IC-7000 no RX after turning the dial (vfo)


Hi Steve,

Here the answer to the questions:

Just to make sure I understand the problem:  when you change frequency, in RX is there any audio heard and is it only static?  In TX there is audio, but only static, heard  by the receiving station?

Exactly! By turning the dial does not have the audio of who is transmitting. Only static. And I S9 noise (static)
The transmission this stable until move the dial.

Does this happen on all bands (HF/VHF/UHF)?  All modes (CW/USB/FM)?  How often does this happen (always, usually, occasionally)?  Is it worse on one band than others?

Does the frequency seem stable and accurate when listening to one frequency, with no slow or rapid drifting?  Do you notice a change between when the radio is cold compared to warm?

It happens always when turning the dial quickly. (raipid drifiting)

This happens on all bands in all modes. It happens every time you turn. It is cold or hot.

When you transmit, what does the ALC indicator show (and in what mode)?

ALC and other indications are normal, to turn the dial.

To test just the audio DSP circuit on the Logic board, try making a voice recording (page 96 in my user manual), then listening to it.  Does the audio sound OK?

I will try this.

Any other details, such as what you were doing when the problem first appeared, etc. might help.

Also happens using the CI-V interface.


I have no TX and RX when moves the dial. And pressing the PTT has no indication on the ALC display, SWR, Po. etc. However, the TX LED lights and no power out.


Thank you so much!


Paulo Américo


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