Recent SPAM Posting

James F. Boehner, MD

To all,


Whenever there is an obvious SPAM posting on a yahoogroup, it could either be deliberate or as a result of a member’s computer being infected with a virus or worm.  Most often, it is the latter.


If a member has full posting privileges, the SPAM posting will get to the list.  If moderated, the moderator will kill the posting before it gets to the list.


The only way to prevent SPAM messages on a group such as this is to moderate everyone, and review every post.  This would not be acceptable to the majority of list members, and takes more time than a moderator has to offer.


So, SPAM messages will come through from time to time.  I you really want to avoid this, set your group settings to “No E-Mail” and just review posts on the web.  Otherwise, use your  key.


What is not appropriate is to reply to the list criticizing the post, the lack of moderation or to offer advice to the moderator;  and THEN, to repeat the inappropriate post as part of your post.


Being on a Yahoogroup list or moderating a list is voluntary.


The situation has been handled, as similar situations that occur in the future will be.


’73 de JIM N2ZZ

Ic7000 Listowner


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