Help IC-7000 no RX after turning the dial (vfo)


Hello guys,

I came by to report a problem on my ICOM IC-7000, and see if anyone can help repair logic in search of the solution:

equipment alloy usually has Rx and Tx signal, but to change the frequency by dial (VFO) or up / down / memory he completely loses reception and transmission is audio but only "static". Only returning regular reception after turn on again.

What I've done:
  applied reset, checked flat cables and wiring.
  But not yet took the plates, only the covers.
Does anyone have an idea? Which line should I follow the service manual search solution ... DDS, Main Unit, PA Unit, Logic, Display Unit?

PS .: I know the most basic of electronics and only have soldering station, dummy load, digital / analog meter, power meter and patience.

Grateful to all.

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