Re: 7000 TX always remains on.


Hi   thank you for the answer   
 my call is va2kv  sylvain
and the amplifier was an  Ameritron AL-82 Linear Amplifier  i just sold it

connected the amp directly to the ACC connector of the icom 7000
and when i  tune the amp    .. the radio  stay in tx  and the tx  red light is always on
i  did a hard reset of the radio and  its always  in tx 

i made a little wire  jumper in the dds board ( just for a test   between   SEND1   and  8VA )  and the radio is return to normal  is working well  .. but i know its not  suppose to be like that with a jumper   its a part inside who is defect,  but where ???
and the rear mic  jack is not working too..  no ptt when i push the ptt button    its only transmit  with the front mic jack  ..  the original mic is working well   all the button is working i tried the radio on the air
 and all station   told me that is  very good   for now..
  i try to fix by myself i have the service manual  of the icom 7000

ok 73

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