Re: [IC-7000] Ic 7000 and Ham Radio Deluxe

Richard Walbert

I'm using HRD v6.3 on both Yaesu and Icom Radios. I have a signalink on my Icom Radios and using a Yaesu SCU -17 interface card with my Yaesu Radios. All work fine with window 10. Only problem I've ever encountered was making sure I had the right speakers and mic picked in windows 10 playback devices. Yaesu never had any problem, connected first time I hooked it up. Signalink has a 6 pin din plug from Icom radio to a mod plug into signalink. And a standard usb cable to computer out of the signalink. I could not get the rt systems cable to work.


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Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 03:30:38 -0800
Subject: Re: [IC-7000] Ic 7000 and Ham Radio Deluxe

Using win 10 (hate it) using version hrd 5.4 no other devices attached other than the mouse. Using the Rt software cable and also normal usb to plug cable. No luck with either.

73 Colin

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Date:Tue, 26 Jan, 2016 at 19:56
Subject:Re: [IC-7000] Ic 7000 and Ham Radio Deluxe

I used HRD 5 and 6, with com2 at 19200 baud, if I remember it right, both on XP and win7pro.
What version of HRD and what for an OS are you using?

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The last Microsoft I played with was XP. Usb ports get lost. I remember having to go to some hardware settings, that listed all devices and turn on and off USB settings, two, three, and four times, to get it to lock on. Pull all other gadgets, printers, scanners, and try with just one device (radio). 

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Hi all, Despite all efforts I can not get my HRD to connect with my Ic7000. It has before sometime ago. Ok Cvi is off on rig address 70h, 300 baud on both rig and software.Tried Rts etc ticked and unticked. It still will not connect. I should have made a not of the settings I had prev I usly. 
Any thouhouts folks. 


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