Re: [IC-7000] STuck in Xmit / loss of coordination between rig and FLRIG

Robert Blackburn

Are you sure that you have put <RX> at the end of the message?
You should be able to toggle manually from TX to RX to make the red light go off on the Signalink and radio to unkey.

On Monday, January 25, 2016 4:32 PM, "kh7c@... [ic7000]" wrote:

I am having two, possibly related problems with my IC-7000, connected to fldigi/flrig through a Signallink using the 6 pin cable and a CI-V cable with a good chip.  The problems are new, and I can't say whether they started at the same time.

Problem 1:  The most disturbing problem is that sometimes the radio gets stuck on Xmit.  The red light in on, but no rf is being sent out.  The only way I have found to reset it is to briefly tap the power button.  This happens only when doing HF/Digital.

Problem 2:  The other problem, which I have also posted in the fldigi group, is that fldigi and flrig loose coordination with the radio, so that changes in frequency on either do not result in changes on the others.

Thanks for any advice you can offer on either or both problems.


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