Ham Radio Now releases the MDSR presentation at TAPR2015

Alex Schwarz

Hi Everybody;

While I was giving my presentation during the TAPR show last fall in Chicago it was recorded by Gary Pierce (KN4AQ). He just has released the talk now on YouTube. As a mater of fact Ham Radio Now has released all the talks from the 2015 TAPR show. They are all worth watching....


Why is the MDSR system important for my station?

The MDSR software and the LIF - BiLiF system allows you to upgrade your existing transceiver and computer to an IF-SDR. All this at a very affordable cost. Check out our website:


or join the Yahoo user group at:


If you are interested in seeing it too, here is the link to my talk.:

A big thank you to Gary and his team for the great videos and the professional touch on the editing and great sound recording.


All the best and 73;


The MDSR Team

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