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Steve W3AHL

The issue here is not about one computer talking to multiple radios via a serial port.  The user wants to have a tuner controller and a computer talk to the same radio over one CI-V port on the 7K.  Electrically, the open collector circuit works.  But having two controllers trying to talk at the same time to the 7K could result in unpredictable results at times.  This won't hurt the CI-V port, losing control of the tuning process isn't very desirable.  

Some software polls the radio when you would think it would be quiet.  

Steve, W3AHL

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so why should it not work a Ci-v port has different addresses for each device so it can communicate to each as an individual unit. 
                                                           you use Usb and blue tooth which is serial addressing. 
                                                                          Best Regards Robert G6LLP

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CI-V is a “one wire plus ground” simplex serial protocol using open collector/drain transmitter devices. They can be wire-ORed with no problem unlike normal RS-232/TTL level duplex serial.

Perry K4PWO

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Please report to group whether or not the Y connector works.

I don't think it will work. But the reason may have more to do with sharing a COM port, which does not work and requires the use of a virtual serial port.

Steve, WA8Y

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I believe you can "wire OR" the CI-V port, i.e., use a commercial 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo "Y" cable.

Perry K4PWO

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I'm looking to use a Tarheel antenna with my ic-7000 and need an antenna controller. What I'd like, ideally, is a fully automatic controller that uses the radio's tuner button. I don't want separate control heads for the controller that I need to deal with.

The TurboTuner -2 fits the bill, but in addition to using the tuner connector on the radio,most also uses the CI-V port, which I'd prefer to keep free for rig control.

Is anyone aware of an automatic antenna controller that works off the radio's tuner controls but doesn't use the CI-V port?


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