Re: IC7000 remote

Graham <muzzo@...>

I think the OP was meaning remote operation via internet/IP many 100's
and even 1000's of Km's. The clue is in the phrase "Take it along with you"

Is there a way to remove the front face of the IC7000 and take it
along for remote operation like the TS-480 radio can do ?

The IC-7000 has 2 separation cables available an 11' and a 16'.
The OPC-1444 is the 16 foot cable. Works well for me.

On 1/22/2016 3:11 PM, [ic7000] wrote:

The old 706 and newer 7100 can Do it
The 7K has a video signal for the display and it cant se separated as
remote without the cable
But with over CAT with a good software in the other end ... It will


Graham - loving my 7000 more each day!

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