Re: [IC-7000] Screwdriver Antenna Controller

Dan Smith

If I remember correctly it was a mono Y cable.   I will check tomorrow if you would like.

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That’s my understanding… the handbook many years back had a RS-232 to CI-V interface that would support up to 3 rigs. The outputs were just paralleled for the three jacks.

Perry K4PWO

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Aha! That answers my alternate question of whether it's possible to connect two things to the CI-V port. Is just a regular stereo Y cable sufficient?




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I run a IC-7000 with N2VZ Turbo tuner with my Tarheel ll. It does use my ci-v port but I used Y there and run both the turbo tuner and my control cable. No problems at all.



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The 8 call who contacted me about a controller or antenna resend your email it was deleted inadvertently.




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