Re: Heil Handi Mic & the 7000

Charles & Sandra Cohen

If it's a Handi-Mic with an "iC" element, it should be plug-and-play.  Adjust MIC GAIN and COMPression as the manual suggests.

I suggest leaving the TX bandwidth on "WIDE".  There are reports of bad audio with narrow TX bandwidths, especially if the high-frequency limit is brought down from its maximum value. [That's an IC-7000 problem, not a Handi-Mic problem.]

If it's a Handi-Mic with a dynamic element (HC-4 or HC-5), Heil has a section of the website about that.  Basically, leave the COMPressor on (for extra gain), and adjust the MIC GAIN for proper ALC action.

.    CHarles  VA7CPC

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