Re: [IC-7000] Rig control settings

Juliean Galak

Thanks.  Problem seems to have resolved by setting the speed to "auto-detect".  It now works fine as long as I don't disconnect anything ;)


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Try 9600 baud, iirc also make sure the radio is set to 9600 too. From experience HRD doesn't play nice with USB. Isn't that a programming cable you are using?

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Subject: [IC-7000] Rig control settings
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I'm trying to connect HRD to my new IC-7000 and am having trouble. I'm using a RT Systems USB-RTS01 cable. Drivers are installed and HRD recognizes the cable. But when trying to read frequency from the rig, it's failing.

I'm using the recommended settings: speed 38400, ci-v address 70. I've tried every combo of DTR and RTS.

Any ideas?


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