Re: IC 7000 is Not a hoax according to Icom America

nicolasc33 <javier_ebay@...>

Neither for ICOM Spain (I guess)

I emailed ICOM Spain for some questions regarding the newly bought IC-
7400, and some other questions. The answer was brief: "tell us your
phone number and we will call". I guess they did not want to comment
by Email

As all this comes from a telecom there can be missunderstandings.

ICOM called me, as I said the IC-7000 was not the question in the
email, but "almost" arose.

Talking about mobile or portable rigs minimum voltage for the 706 and
so on... Came a wise advice. The 706MKIIG does not give us any
trouble, if you think about one, dont think too much, or it may be
late. Further discounts.

Second advice, "if" it comes a new rig (I figured the 7000) it will
be not be inmediately, and some teething problems are "Normal" in any
rig. Sugestion: buy a 706 for the summer at VERY good price, and wait
for the second buch of the new rig, using base DSP in the 7400 and
mobile the 706.

After this the "now or never 706" feeling started to act inside me.

I had to call a free lance repairer for a Drake TR7 overhaul, and I
said I dont need it urgently as I had bought the 7400. And commented
about former telecom. Their answer was get a 706 from us, we improve
any price (made an extra 70USD cut), I was amazed I did not really
ask for any price.. they made the offer. "util the summer comes" they

He is a freelance repairer and said last model 706MKIIG has not come
often to repair there.

And again.. In case the 7000 ever comes... Do you want to own the
first series?


The IC-7000 is not a Hoax at all.

People recommending me the 706 were not commercial but technical
people, it seems they love the 706.

It may dissapear soon (this is my appreciation)

The 7000 is not for tomorrow, at least here. All (most) rigs have
some problems silly or serious. MK-III seems to be a chance to get
the problems solved. The 706 is mature, the 7000 not born.

Advices by this two technician seemed very sincere.

If I made the right calculation, 706's present price is about 71% the
price one year ago.

My conclusion: I will buy a 706 for the summer. And most probably in
next spring a IC-7000 for next summer. I cannot be wrong at the
present prices. I will bargain. All times before they were bargaining
for me.. making offers, I was pasive, I guess I will now bargain.

For the minimum voltage in portable on batteries he thought about
11,7V. They will test and tell me. They are mobile rigs, not portable
rigs they said.

PS: I have not bargained at all, this is not "my" price, it is "the
price" here. All prices are high in Spain.. so they have margin.
Normal street price in USA I guess it has beed lower that actual
pices here.

Javier EA4CWY

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