Re: [IC-7000] Temperature question

MICHAEL CROGNALE <mcrognale@...>

Needs good airflow. I have mine in the back of the SUV mounted above an AT180. The assembly sits on a cushion of bubble wrap for impact and vibration isolation. Never had a heat issue in the years I’ve had it in there.

On Jan 6, 2016, at 8:37 AM, Juliean Galak jgalak@... [ic7000] <ic7000@...> wrote:

Hello all!

I'm a new ham and just bought an IC-7000 off ebay for use in the car. I'm wondering - how hot does the rig get, and how much airflow does it need? Is it safe to install in a small, fully enclosed compartment, or does it need good airflow? I anticipate using it primarily for HF-SSB and VHF-FM.


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