Re: [IC-7000] Oscillation


On 30/12/2015 1:12 PM, Alan Johnson little_pig_let_me_in@... [ic7000] wrote:
Hate to have to bring you into the 21st century, but there have been quiet smps's for some time now. 

I use a variety of smps and linear, and even with my EME system, there's no discernible difference with a quality smps. 

As with anything, buy cheap crap and you get crap performance.

I've used a shack SMPS since 2004.  Any noise it generates is well below the local noise floor on all bands, and voltage regulation has been spot on.   With the high frequency of hot days (35C+) up here in summer and a significant amount of 24x7 gear, it's not an environment I want to run a linear PSU in, too much hassle cooling the darned thing! 

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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