Re: [IC-7000] Re: Frequency offset

Roger Taylor

Can I add that for us in the UK the BBC's Droitwich 198kHz transmitter
uses rubidium frequency standards and the fractional frequency offset
typically observed is less than 10e-11 over a one day averaging period.

Roger, GW4HZA

On 17/12/15 04:03, AG0N-3055 [ic7000] wrote:

> Using SpectrumLab, Spectran, or similar software, you can adjust your
rig to within 10hz accuracy at 2m by tuning 1kHz off the beacon
frequency and adjusting with the aid of the waterfall, which means HF
will be accurate to around 1Hz.

Just be aware that you want to make that adjustment with the radio at the
temperature you plan on operating at. The 7000 moves quite a bit with
temperature swings, which, because of its compactness, are quite wide. I
regularly check mine with a GPS locked 174MHz signal, but I generally
hot (several hours warmup) and won't rely on the frequency reading with
it any
cooler than that.

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