Re: IC 7000 is Not a hoax according to Icom America

Huze@work <hduff@...>

It's sounding more and more like Icom doesn't have
anything beyond a concept for the IC-7000 at this point.
Could it be that they are *reacting* to the rumour ?
That is to say, the rumour came before it was decided that
they would indeed begin work on a replacement for the IC-706 ?
Of course with all of the hype and inquiries they are receiving
it would be in their best interest to act on it and keep the
interest high.

Just a theory :)

Hugh VA3TO

Bill wrote:

Well I decided to ask Icom myself about the IC 7000. I emailed them. see their reply and my original inquiry. It is not a hoax per Icom... yet from what I see here. They are still undecided about some issues.

Thank you very much for your inquiry. Icom Incorporated is developing many new products to meet the requests and expectations of out customers. The model IC-7000 is one of such models. Unfortunately, however, it is still too early to make any announcements on the specification, release timing and price etc, as such are still undecided. We will be announcing such details on our homepage, through dealers or magazines as soon as possible. We ask for your understanding in this situation and thank you in advance for your enquiry and patience regarding information from us.

Kevin McClinton, W7JRL
Technical Support Representative
ICOM America, Inc.
2380 116th Ave. NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Ph. (425) 454-7619
Fax (425) 637-8417

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Posted At: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 9:47 AM
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I would like more information on the Icom IC 7000. I have not been able to find out when this radio will be released or what its approximate cost will be.

I own several Icom radios and they work fine, chances are good that I would buy the IC 7000 when it and if it will be available.

I have heard from a few that the IC 7000 Amateur radio is a hoax and will not be produced. Can you confirm or deny that this radio will be released at some time in the future? Any information that you provide would be most helpful.

Thank You in Advance
Bill in KY

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