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Bob Burns AK9R

I know nothing about Subaru’s crash avoidance system. However, most of these systems have small radar transmitters in the front bumper or grill area. Take a look at your front bumper. If you see round “plugs” about ¾” in diameter, usually 4 to 6 of them spread out across the width of the bumper, those are the radar transmitters.


Stating that Subaru’s system requires a “clear view through the windshield” implies that the radar transmitters are somewhere behind the windshield. The transmitter could be located in the back of the inside rearview mirror or around the edges of the windshield. I simply can’t imagine anywhere else in the car where the transmitters could be located so as to get a “clear view through the windshield” that wouldn’t be blocked by seats or people.




P.S. If your car’s VIN starts with a “1”, it was probably built at the Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana. I know a few hams who work in that plant and their ARES group sometimes uses a meeting room at the factory.


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I had a 2009 Outback for some years.  Mounted the IC-7000 control panel on the dash with a stalk to a suction cup on the windshield, main chassis mounted in the rear.  worked very well.  Now I have a new 2015 Outback, and would like the same kind of setup.  BUT Subaru warms against putting anything on the dash, because they have a new 'radar' system that manages the cruise control, and that radar wants a clear view thru the windshield - without something like the '7000 panel in the way.  So what to do?  Anyone already solved this problem?  Thanks for any advice.  Bob, K6KL

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