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Milo Austin

Yes, as has been reported previously, even the in-line fuses can cause a problem (even serious) if not very, very tight.  Though I am at a loss as to why they consider it necessary to fuse both lines, given the increased odds of failure of the connection, and the increased resistance of two fuses.  I did retain the setup when I rewired my power cord, but I don't like it.  I made a pig-tail of sorts with a 50-amp PowerPole so I could change to different types of hook-up cords (super heavy long run, or lighter short run, different connector end, etc.)


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If you like the wireless relay, use it to trigger a 25-30A relay.
Gordon, W2TTT
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The 7000 draws up to 22 Amps, so no, 10 Amps won't be enough.   Plus, you want as little resistance as possible in the power leads.  Even a small amount will noticeably reduce the output power..

FWIW,  I have the radio's power cables connected directly to my car battery terminals.

73 de Jim VE4CY

I have been offered a wireless relay to control the (nominal) 12V power to the IC-7000 in my car. The relay is rated at 10 Amps. Is that a high enough contact rating? I'd like to use it in my car, mostly for SSB operation, but sometimes 2m FM as well. Thanks for any thoughts or advice.
73 - Bob, K6KL

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