Re: IC-7000 RF-gain problems

Charles & Sandra Cohen

I'm guessing, here (no IC-7000 to play with) --

The knob that controls RF Gain is both the "RF GAin" knob, and the Squelch-level knob.  Which function it has (by default) may depend on what mode you're in.   There's a "Set Mode" menu option that controls what happens when you change modes.  

My first suggestion, FWIW:

. . . Change the "SET Mode" option so the knob _always_ controls RF GAin.

But when I checked the manual (page 35), there's _no such setting_ !

So my next suggestion, FWIW:

. . . Change the "SET mode" option to "RF + SQL".

In that mode, the knob controls RF Gain in the lower 1/3 of its range, and Squelch in the upper 2/3 of its range.  And that's _consistent_ across all modes.

Let's see if the IC-7000 still loses its settings . . . . 

\.     Charles VA7CPC 

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