Re: ICOM IC-706mkiiG will only support two optional filters.

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Considering that the 7400 will also be replaced in the near future with a "pro2" model, the 7000 fits nicely where it fits in terms of value/performance.

FYI, the 746pro here has a $200 rebate plus some more rebates plus a free power supply. Maybe an indication of a new model soon!?

On Apr 23, 2005, at 9:41 AM, nicolasc33 wrote:

I think my choice for 706 would be FL-232 (350Hz/-6dB) and FL-223
(1,9KHz/-6dB), to have SSB and RTTY well filtered with some compromise
for CW (350Hz).

Regarding a narrow filter for TX, I have fitted in the past a 1,8KHz in
a Kenwood and 2,1 KHz in Yaesu. Allways OK, allways "the punch" was

The questioning of fitting a 1,8KHz for the main filter it is only
regarding the possible need of repositioning the carrier, so the audio
passes the filter. But if I am right it is possible by menu to position
the carrier. I would do it, If I already owned the filter.

In fact I am very critic to the standard 2,4 transmit width, taking
into account today's noisy bands. A 1,8KHz filter puts exactly 33% more
apparent power in the 33% reduced bandwith

The question as I said is that probably the 706 + 2 filters will cost
more than a 7000.

The IC-7400 has 3 SSB TX bandwidths, and I allways use it in narrow
(1,8KHz) it has a normal 2,4 and a wide 3.0. Nobody has ever
complained. Of course I do not have a BBC audio, but an efficient one.

It has in total 52 RX bandwidths, and in two shapes "conventional" more
rounded shoulders, and "digital" very sharp in the knee.

Not all bandwidths are available in all modes, SSB & CW have "only" 41
positions, RTTY 32 and AM & FM 3. multiply by 2 if you consider knee
shape factor a "new filter".

IC 7400 IF DSP is a plug-in module, and I bet the 7000 will have
the "same magic box".

One point is that such a small rig as 7000 will need some compromise
regarding human interface, even the 7400, much larger is not the best
in this aspect.

But again we must think the 7000 will be a mobile rig, not the best
possible base rig. Anyway... if things come as I am guessing they will
come, the 7000 will give a run to some base stations.

By the way the 7400 (large and heavy 9Kg, 19,0lb) runs hot. There are
some mods for temperature reduction. The price of the 7000 plus a tuner
will be similar or higher than the 7400.

So.. the 7000 will be the "best mobile" when launched, but a mobile
rig. The 7400 will cost less, if you think about the excellent tuner.

There is no doubt ICOM is betting for Ham radio, I hearded Kenwood is
involved now in something else, and Yaesu (I have been a Yaesu man for
20 years) is a bit sleeping, and Yaesu price range in Spain is plain
silly, a 897 costing 15% more than a 706.

I think the 706 (great rig) will stay in the market to aim at low price
segment, and to put a finger in the eye of Kenwood and Yaesu.

But once IF-DSP developed and mastered, the actual cost of production
of a 7000 could be lower than producing more conventional 706. That I
think requires more human intervention in production and tuning.

OK... interesting to wait until May 25th

Javier EA4CWY

--- In, "Ya`akov N. Miles" <ve7alq@a...> wrote:

Unfortunately I can only add two optional filters to my Icom
IC-706mkiiG I currently have the 250 Hz, and the 500 Hz optional
filters installed (I am a code freak) I have a 1.9 kHz optional
filter for SSB Narrow but there is nowhere inside the IC-706mkiiG to
plug it. At one point I was thinking about unsoldering(!) the 2.4 kHz
default SSB filter and replacing it with the 1.9 kHz narrow SSB
soldered in its place. ICOM said it would boycott the radio if I did
that to it, and hinted that there would be all sorts of untoward
consequences, as the default filter is used for Transmit as well as
for Receive.

A memory bank of user-selectible filter parameters would be in my mind
a big asset, if the IC-7000 comes with an IF Digital Signal Processor.

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