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Christopher Warren <christopherlwarren@...>

Same thing just happened to me and it cost a new set of PA transistors, HF ,VHF and UHF.

De chris. 9h1bw

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Soliciting Ideas about No Output Power

Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:27 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Keith Kaiser" kkaiser

Fellow Icom owners...

I’ve had my 7000 for several years. I use it a lot. I use it as my base station at home but often take it out to the field. It is my primary Field Day, JOTA, SET radio. I use it mostly for digital (PSK/JT65, etc) but also for VHF/UHF and all SSB/CW work.

Yesterday it stopped transmitting.

It still receives just great, but there is no power output that I can see.

1) I pulled the line fuses and cleaned up the blades on them. This made no difference.
2) I double/triple checked the antenna.
3) I’ve double/triple and more checked the RF Power and MIC gain.

I’m hoping its not the driver board but before I start taking it apart I’d like to solicit ideas from everyone else.


Thanks in advance and
73’s -- Keith, WA0TJT

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