Using RUMtrol7K-RT v 2.1 Beta 10

Keith Kaiser

Computer: MacBook Pro running OSX 10.9.4
Rig: IC-7000
Device: KeySpan USA-19HS
Device2: CI-V cable
Sofware: RUMtrol7K-RT v 2.1 Beta 10 dated 31-Jan-2009

I use my MacBook Pro for all my digital work with fldigi. It works great. I’m saying this part because I want you to know I can and do use other software to control my radio all the time. The settings are not unique to me or unfamiliar.

But when I switch over to RUMtrol7000 to try and connect to the radio, load memories or change settings... it just won’t connect or talk to the radio.

I have “KeySerial1” selected as the Port.
Baud set to 19200
Enable Xon is checked
Enable CTS: default checked
Enable DTR is checked
Poll Time: 152ms
Show Comm Errors is checked.

If neither of the right hand options are checked and I press OK, it does not connect to the radio.
If I check the ‘Set RTS Line’ and click OK, it throws the radio into transmit mode.
If instead (above not checked) and I check the ‘Set DTR Line’ and click OK, nothing happens. I am not connected to the radio.
If I check both of the above at the same time and click OK, again the transmitter is thrown into transmit mode.

There are a lot of combinations of the 4 accessible check boxes but no combination lets me read/write or talk to the radio. 
If I switch the Port setting to the KeySpan device (instead of the KeySerial 1) once again various combinations put the radio into transmit, some don’t.

In short I guess I’m wondering what setting in RUMtrol7000 will let me read/write and connect to my radio?

Appreciate any feedback you may have, thanks in advance.

73’s -- Keith, WA0TJT

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