Re: [IC-7000] IC-7000 Clock not keeping time

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As another list member has written, I certainly wouldn't want to leave a dead and potentially leaking battery installed to ruin the transceiver at some point down the line!
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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 23:51:00 -0400
Subject: Re: [IC-7000] IC-7000 Clock not keeping time
Hey. I ran OSPOTA at forked run state park using an IC-7000 as well.
With all the storms in the area the DSP in the radio was worth it's weight in gold.
And yes, my clock doesn't keep time either.    If the battery was in a coin cell holders I'd swap it but honestly I never really expect a radio to have a clock anyway so I just use a cheapo atomic clock set to GMT or let the logging software sort it out.

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  I tried submitting this yesterday, but I don't think it went through.  I don't see it in the group conversation history.  Sorry if it's a duplicate!
My IC-7000 clock does not keep time.  When the power supply has been off overnight, the next morning the clock is reset, along with the date.
I don’t appear to be losing any settings or program memories when the clock resets.  At least not any settings that I use regularly.  I reviewed the service manual, and a lithium coin battery is listed on the parts list.  If the manual indicates where the battery is located on the board, I was not able to find that.  A google search of the battery part number indicated, indicates that the battery has tabs welded on, and the tabs are SMT soldered to the board.  I have not opened the radio to verify that this is correct.
Is it safe to assume that the clock is being reset because the lithium battery is dead?  Seems obvious to me, but I don’t want to assume anything!  Does anyone know if there are other settings that are effected by the dead battery that I am not realizing?  I am tempted to just leave it, and not worry about it.  It’s annoying, as I do use the clock when logging.  But not worth it for me to spend a couple hundred $$ to send the radio away for repairs.  If it is SMT soldered, I won’t try the repair myself.  if it turned out to be a battery socket, I would be comfortable opening the radio to replace it myself…. as long as I knew replacing the battery actually fixes the clock!
The radio appears to be functioning at 100% in spite of the clock reset.  In fact, I participated in OSPOTA contest this weekend and received many compliments of a very strong signal on 40 meters.

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