ICOM IC-706mkiiG will only support two optional filters.

Ya`akov N. Miles <ve7alq@...>

Unfortunately I can only add two optional filters to my Icom
IC-706mkiiG I currently have the 250 Hz, and the 500 Hz optional
filters installed (I am a code freak) I have a 1.9 kHz optional
filter for SSB Narrow but there is nowhere inside the IC-706mkiiG to
plug it. At one point I was thinking about unsoldering(!) the 2.4 kHz
default SSB filter and replacing it with the 1.9 kHz narrow SSB
soldered in its place. ICOM said it would boycott the radio if I did
that to it, and hinted that there would be all sorts of untoward
consequences, as the default filter is used for Transmit as well as
for Receive.

A memory bank of user-selectible filter parameters would be in my mind
a big asset, if the IC-7000 comes with an IF Digital Signal Processor.

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