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Adam, does the 756ProIII not have a more powerfull DSP than the

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Hi Buck,

Yes, the IC-7000 will use DSP filtering in the final IF. This is
the same
technology as used in the IC-756Pro series, the IC-746Pro/7400 and

The ultimate performance of the DSP-IF subsystem - dynamic range,
floor, filter shape factors, noise reduction etc. is a function
of the ADC
(analogue/digital converter) which is the interface between the
RF/IF chain and the DSP. The faster the DSP chip, the better the
shape factors, NR etc. are likely to be. All the current Icom DSP-
radios use a 24-bit ADC and DAC and a 32-bit floating-point DSP.
The 756Pro
series uses the ADI SHARC, whilst the 746Pro and 7800 use faster
TI devices.
The ADC used in the 756Pro series has a slightly better noise
floor than
that of the 746Pro. The 7800 uses very high-quality ADC's which
are rather

The demands placed on the DAC (digital/analogue converter are
rather less
than those which the ADC has to meet, although the DAC plays an
role in setting the dynamic range of the transmitter. The ADC is
the key to
the receiver; if it degrades the incoming IF signal, all that
information is
lost forever and cannot be recovered.

There are a number of articles covering these topics (and others)
on my Icom

Cheers for now, 73,

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Subject: [ic7000] Price of the IC-7000

Hello to all and thank you to the moderator of this reflector.

Ever since I have seen the IC-7000, I have been reading and
talking about
it. Like most of us here, I have considered it the new IC-706
radio but
after all I have read and seen, I have begun to think that 7000 is
to the
706 what the 756 pro is to the 746 pro.

What weighs most strongly is the fact that it will use electronic
rather than the crystal lattice filter. If I recall, isn't this
the same
filtering technology used in the IC-7800, the $10,000 radio?

From what I gather, the 706 is the most popular mobile HF radio on
market with sales greatly exceeding its runner-up. Right now it
sells for
about $800 US. I realize that the cost of technology drops over
time, and
with inflation, prices rise a bit, but at this point I am
wondering if the
rig might not be priced considerably higher than the 706. Around
here, a
few hams are thinking it will be in the $1500 US range.

What do you all think?


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