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Keith D. Brady <kdbrady1963@...>

According to the instructions, negative (black) wire of the input side gets attached to the vehicle and negative (black) wire of the output side gets attached to the chassis of the radio, with the positive (red) wire inserted in the DC positive line going to the radio.

Keith - KB0CAP

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Hopefully everyone uses the grounding screw to attach their station ground to the radio.  But a noise filter (?) shouldn't attach to the radio, but instead to the station grounding point where all equipment grounds attach to an earth ground.

Steve, W3AHL
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Has anyone actually used the grounding screw on their IC-7000? I went to loosen the screw on the one in my van and I ended up stripping the sides off the screw with the socket wrench. It was so soft and tight. So, I grabbed a large, flat-head screwdriver and broke the screw. Luckily, I have another radio that I can swap out with. However, I need to ground my noise filter to the chassis and I am leery about messing with the one and only good screw I have left. Any suggestions?


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