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the ground for the radio SHOULD BE connected direct to the master station ground, why would you suggest otherwise?

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From Motorola's "Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites" section 5.2, Common Grounding:

"A single point ground system is defined as a single point, typically a master ground bus bar (MGB),
within a shelter, equipment building or room, where all communications equipment, ancillary support
equipment, antenna transmission lines, surge protection devices (SPDs), and utility grounds are bonded."

There are installations where bonding interconnected equipment is not recommended, but that is not typical of most Amateur Radio installations, in my experience.  All of the commercial tower sites and broadcast TV stations I've been at implement Motorola's (and IEEE) gudielines and they survive many direct lighting strikes each year.  I don't believe their engineers were clueless.....

Steve, W3AHL

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"Hopefully everyone uses the grounding screw to attach their station ground to the radio.  "

Words fail me. Thats the last thing you want to be doing. It always amazes me how little clue people have about grounding.

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