Re: [IC-7000] Grounding Screw...

Keith <kdbrady1963@...>

Not when you are trying to loosen it to attach a wire to it.

...Please forgive me for any possible typos. :-)

On Mar 12, 2014, at 23:08, Mark Krotz <mkrotz@...> wrote:


If tight is good, mucho guten tight is better?


On 3/12/2014 8:47 PM, kdbrady1963@... wrote:

Has anyone actually used the grounding screw on their IC-7000? I went to loosen the screw on the one in my van and I ended up stripping the sides off the screw with the socket wrench. It was so soft and tight. So, I grabbed a large, flat-head screwdriver and broke the screw. Luckily, I have another radio that I can swap out with. However, I need to ground my noise filter to the chassis and I am leery about messing with the one and only good screw I have left. Any suggestions?



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