Re: [IC-7000] MFJ Hamsticks?


I have never used the 20m Hamstick but have used 80m, 40m, and 60m models. For a cheap & easy install, you won't find anything better.


From: "zebulonsmith@..."
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Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 11:41 AM
Subject: [IC-7000] MFJ Hamsticks?

Has anyone used the MFJ Hamtennas with any luck? I'm thinking about trying one of these mounted to one of the stake pockets on my truck with a grounding strap ran to the frame. 

I usually only spend about 30 minutes a day commuting and that's only during the 5 months a year when the weather is no good for traveling on two wheels, so I don't want to spend a fortune to get into HF mobile. This would really only be used for occasional longer road trips and while I'm sitting in the parking lot waiting for my wife to get her nails done.


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