Re: [IC-7000] 7k pop smoked no power out

Raymond M. Burns

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From: Jason Donnelly <kj4eoo@...>
Mon, Mar 3, 2014 23:27:40 GMT+00:00
[IC-7000] 7k pop smoked no power out


7k purchased new April/2012.  May/2012 stopped working - 6 weeks later, ICOM replaced driver board?  
Mar/2014 - working int'l DX contest on 10m - radio sitting there for about 10 mins with no xmit - as I was looking up calls on laptop - loud pop/spark smoke coming up through speaker vents. No power out on all bands/modes.  shack smells like burnt plastic etc.

Radio no longer under warranty.

Anybody have an idea what the best way to proceed?  Buy board and replace or ship to ICOM again via HRO?  

Thx 73
Jason -KJ4EOO

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