Re: [IC-7000] HM-151 mic issue

Billy McFarland <gm0obx@...>


I did the mid as well. It depends what type of capacitor you installed. Also I found my mic gain is around 10 for me to be putting out full scale in the alc. Make sure it's turned down and then give it a go.

73 de GM0OBX billy

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Subject: Re: [IC-7000] HM-151 mic issue
Sent: Tue, Jan 28, 2014 12:08:49 AM


Did you do the mod yourself, or have Bob do it? He has a lot of experience with these things, and seems to have worked the bugs out. If he did it, call him; if you did it, you need to troubleshoot!

73 de KC4BO

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I did the Bob Nagy mod a while back and must've made a mess of it as my mic TX is intermittent. I notice the ALC goes full scale occasionally while speaking.
Has anyone else experienced a similar problem after doing the mod and what is the cure for this problem??


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