Power setting band to band?

Hank Hanburger

This topic may well have been dealt with in the past but attempting to search via the new and improved Yahoo groups system has left me frustrated as has the manual.

I am interested in employing a transverter for 220 MHz. operation.  Let's say it requires 3-5 watts drive on 144 MHz. as the IF frequency.  If I set the power output while on 144 MHz. to 5 watts then switch to 432 MHz. will the output power for the radio on that band still be at it's full output for 432 MHz. or will it be set for 5 watts?

I guess another way of asking this question is does the power setting for output with the IC-7000 affect all bands or is it independent for each band?

Thanks for your input here in advance and if this has been addressed previously I apologize but got tired of trying to search it out.

Hank - K3YDX

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