Can 2 Tuners be Controlled by 1 radio at the same time? <kdbrady1963@...>

I posed this question in a response concerning my ignition noise, when I was asked about my antennas. I have a Little Tarheel II that is controlled by a Super Tuner and an Alpha MOTO that is connected to an LDG AT 200PRO II. Although, currently, I do not have the Super Tuner connected to the radio. I have the Little Tarheel tuned to the main frequency that I would use it at (CAP) and left it there. I currently have both antennas connected to the LDG. Is it possible to use both tuners connected to the same setup at the same time? If it is possible, how would I connect them? I would be using only one antenna at a time, but want the option of being able to switch back and forth from one to the other. My solution was to replace the Tarheel with another Alpha, which I physically have, but not installed. If I can keep the Tarheel, I would like to do that.


Keith - KB0CAP

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