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Thank you. The monitor was my problem. However. I turned it "off" and set the percentage level at 0.

I was so afraid to speak, when that happened, that I forgot that the power output is registered on the meter, when you speak. I have full output without any feedback.

I appreciate you suggestion of using headphones. When I get my base set up, I'm sure I'll use them. However, at this time, I'm mobile and driving. Therefore, headphones aren't an option. I have a nice set of Heil, that I plan to use.

Keith - KB0CAP

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You may have the monitor function enabled...

The monitor function allows you to monitor your transmitted signals in any mode through the speaker. The CW side tone functions regardless of the monitor function setting.
1.     Push [AF(set)] momentarily to enter the Set mode menu.
2.     Push [F-4 OTH] to enter the miscellaneous (others) Set mode.
3.     Push [F-1 ] several times to select “Monitor.”
4.     Rotate [DIAL] to turn the monitor function ON.
       Hold down [F-4 DEF] for 1 second to return to default condition.
5.     Push [F-2 ] to select “Monitor Level.”
6.     Rotate [DIAL] to adjust the monitor level.
       Hold down [F-4 DEF] for 1 second to return to default level.
7.     Push [Z(menu/grp)] twice to return to normal operating mode.
Use headphones to prevent feedback.


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I'm still working on my mobile installation. I have a 102" whip attached to an Alpha MOTO Sr. The whip is standing upright. I am using the separation cable. Therefore, I have the control head mounted at the top of my windshield, with the main unit in the rear of my mini van. I have the Icom SP-35 mounted on the dash, off-center, on the passengers side. I have this antenna going through an LDG AT 200PRO II tuner. When I went to transmit, I could hear myself through the speaker. I even unplugged the external speaker with the same results. When I checked my output, I found that it was nill. Although, I know that I did get out, as someone did catch part of my call sign. What did I do wrong? If I didn't do any thing wrong, what can I do to correct this problem?

Thanks - Keith


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