How do I stop feedback through the Speaker <kdbrady1963@...>

I'm still working on my mobile installation. I have a 102" whip attached to an Alpha MOTO Sr. The whip is standing upright. I am using the separation cable. Therefore, I have the control head mounted at the top of my windshield, with the main unit in the rear of my mini van. I have the Icom SP-35 mounted on the dash, off-center, on the passengers side. I have this antenna going through an LDG AT 200PRO II tuner. When I went to transmit, I could hear myself through the speaker. I even unplugged the external speaker with the same results. When I checked my output, I found that it was nill. Although, I know that I did get out, as someone did catch part of my call sign. What did I do wrong? If I didn't do any thing wrong, what can I do to correct this problem?

Thanks - Keith


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