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Keith <kdbrady1963@...>

Thanks, Dennis. It was more of a convenience thing. However, I will just turn the radio off each time I turn the engine off, since that's the case.

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The radio goes off because your battery voltage drops below about 11 volts or so, when your starter draws a ton of current from the battery.  Since the starter is an inductive load, the possibility exists that you could generate some serious voltage spikes.  Most of the time, they don't cause a problem, but they could.  It is best practice to turn off the radio before starting the engine.

If you don't want to turn off the radio, then you are going to have to have a way of maintaining a reasonably constant voltage while you battery voltage drops.  About 5 car batteries in parallel might do it, maybe.  Alternatively, some kind of DC to DC uninteruptable power supply would be in order.  I can't imagine any scenario where not wanting to turn off the radio would justify the expense, at least for me.

So,  why not turn off the radio for 5 seconds while you start the car?

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On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 10:25 PM, Keith <kdbrady1963@...> wrote:

Kent, my point is, that I don't want the radio to go off.

Thanks, though.

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On Jan 12, 2014, at 21:19, Kent <khufford@...> wrote:


Turn off the radio before you start the vehicle. 

On Jan 12, 2014, at 21:17, "kdbrady1963@..." <kdbrady1963@...> wrote:


When I have my radio on, running from the vehicle battery and I start the engine, the radio shuts down and restarts. How can I keep this from happening?

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