Re: Firmware upgradeability

Matt Yellen

Having worked with the D-STAR products, in ICOMs most
advanced product line, I can tell you that you will
not be seeing user upgradeable firmware, and
especially bootloader access any time soon.

--- jimwasson1 <> wrote:

...Firmware upgradeability
Absolutely right! Given how much we are paying for
these rigs, this
capability ought to be very standard. I hope Icom
listens to this one.

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<hduff@c...> wrote:
You bring up a valid point Adam.
It's about time the big three start incorporating
Flash upgrade
capability into Ham rigs. Put a Flash ROM micro
in there
instead of an OTP part (I'll gladly pay the extra
$5) with
bootloader code and the appropriate interface to
allow us
to update the firmware if and when fixes/updates

Granted, there will always be the odd case of
who messes up the bootloader and ends up having to
take the rig in to be serviced but I'd like to
think that we
technical folks won't run into that too often. The
risks and warnings would apply.
My non-technical neighbor can Flash upgrade his
motherboard but I can't do it with my $1000 Ham
What gives ?

As far as I know only Tentec has gone there.

73 de Hugh VA3TO

Adam Farson wrote:

That would be a function of the DSP. If it is
not offered as part
of the
package, there will be no practical way for the
user to add it.

Cheers for now, 73,

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From: p49k [mailto:n1kk@n...]
Sent: 01 April 2005 11:16
Subject: [ic7000] Re: FW: IC-7000

If this is true a mod to offer ATV TX would be
That will really make the rig different


--- In, Adam Farson
<farson@s...> wrote:
According to my information from Japan, TVRO
(broadcast TV)
reception will
be a feature of the IC-7000. We shall have to
wait for the official
announcement to be certain.

Here is an excellent reason to buy the
IC-7000, even without TVRO:
It is a
100% IF-DSP-based radio, with the capabilities
(and likely much
of the
performance) of the IC-756Pro3 and IC-746Pro,
in a small mobile
There are no filters to buy either!

Cheers for now, 73,

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From: p49k [mailto:n1kk@n...]
Sent: 01 April 2005 06:24
Subject: [ic7000] Re: FW: IC-7000

Would ATV (video) reception be a rumor or a
wish for the
IC-7000. I'm
thinking about getting but can't come up with
a reason yet.


--- In, Adam Farson
<farson@s...> wrote:
Hi Ismail,

Yes, I can see that. (Excuse the pun!) The
primary usage of
the TVRO
will probably be in Japan, where most TV
broadcasting is

Cheers for now, 73,

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From: ke6tln@j... [mailto:ke6tln@j...]
Sent: 30 March 2005 16:21
Subject: RE: [ic7000] FW: IC-7000

Hi Adam,

The capability of TV reception is a welcome
addition for those
of us
who are
involved in ATV and would like to have the
combined capability of
in VHF/UHF and watching the output of an ATV
repeater on, say

Ismail, KT6LN

Hi Ed,

I believe this refers to domestic delivery
in Japan. The FCC
process will delay US release, probably
until 3Q/2005.

The TV-receive capability will be of little
use in Canada, as
100% of
TV service is on cable or satellite and
there are very few
over-the-air TV
transmitters left. Much of the UHF-TV
spectrum has been
reallocated to
land-mobile and wireless services.

Cheers for now, 73,

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