Re: Protective Case for the IC-7000

Steve Sawicki


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I bought a Vivitar Professional Aluminum Camera Hard Case w/ Pre-Cut
Diced Foam, Shoulder Strap & Removable Dividers.

$9.98 w/free shipping

-Tom, W3TLN

On 3 May 2013 at 23:36, aa7rx wrote:

Searching this group didn't result in any previous posts regarding this
particular case, so I thought I'd add my experience here.
Eagle Creek makes a sturdy electronics case that is (in my opinion)
perfect for this radio. It's called the medium Protect-It Cube, and it
retails for $30. It comes with two padded dividers; I use one behind
the radio (positioned flat against the case) and the other one is curled
up between the knobs to help protect them from possible bumps. It's a
nice, snug fit.
Here is a link to the Eagle Creek website's page for this
< > I am
planning a cross-country trip next week, and I'm taking my go-kit with
me for the first time. If anyone is interested, I'll post my results to
the group when I get home.
73,Roxanne AA7RX

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