composite anything else added?

g4xcp uk

Hi all,

Icom Uk said to ask my question here as they do not know the answer
and if they don't know god help us!

I have the icom ic 7000 and know that the video out via the jack is
composite, this works fine plugging into my monitor which has a composite
input (yellow phono)

Thought to myself the other day I would like to record the composite output.

But have not been able to do this.

I have three video capture cards Hauppage 4000, which has a composite input
indeed you can change the input to which ever format you wish, eg composite,
s video, the card is both analog and digital

Not deterred I tried an old favourite video card kworld this too has a
yellow composite input, works fine with security cameras, no luck with that

Still not deterred I asked to borrow our security dv multi chanel recorder
again several composite inputs but sighs, no luck !

So has anyone had any luck with a pci video capture card I know that the
output from the icom works fine as I get a picture of the screen via the
composite monitor, so there is no confusion this is nothing to do with

Television this is only to do with outputting the icom screen to record it.

Known, that the composite out from the ic 7000 works fine into a composite

Un known, does not appear to work via video capture composite input

Any one managed to achieve this and how

Regards for now



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