Re: What is typical IC-7000 output/SWR question

Jim <w8lgz@...>

Hi Craig,

You don't mention a couple points needed to help with your problem; that's what mode you're using, and what type of meter you're using to test.

First, never try to get an accurate reading of your radios power out into an antenna (Unless you know for fact you have perfect VSWR and little to no loss on the feed line, which almost never happens in most installs; always use a 50 Ohm dummy load.

Second, you should (for ease of testing and to get a proper reading) always use CW mode to get a fairly accurate measurement (most meters have a 5%-10% tolerance +/-). If you have performed your tests in CW mode and are showing 96 watts as you said, I wouldn't worry about it. If you're testing in SSB and showing 70-80 watt peaks on an average reading meter (should always use a quality peak/hold meter for SSB) again, I wouldn't worry about it. Chances are very good your radio is producing proper power out.

Jim, W8LGZ

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