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My local Dollar Tree store carries that cable - it's got the 1/8'' plug on one
end and three RCA plugs on the other...

From: Richard H. Eckhouse <>
Sent: Mon, April 22, 2013 12:59:54 PM
Subject: RE: [IC-7000] Video connector

Yes, there was and that is how I know how long it was but I am using it for
another connection so wanted to make up a cable for the IC7000 only.

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wasn't there an A/V cable included?

At 12:34 PM 4/22/2013, you wrote:
Thanks Jack and Dean. The Iview digital TV has a TRRS that is longer than I
can find at any supply house (Digikey, Radio Shack, Jameco, etc.) and I
spent over an hour on eBay but none of the pictures indicate the extra
length (about 18mm when the standard length plug is 14mm). So it is the TV
and not the IC7000 side that I have a problem with because of the

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Check eBay... lots of options

At 08:37 AM 4/22/2013, Dick wrote:
I bought a 7" Iview digital TV to connect to my IC7000 but it has an
unusual A/V connector. It is a TRRS four conductor 1/8" plug but it
is about 4mm longer than a standard plug. Video is input through
the tip but the shorter standard plugs don't make contact. Does
anyone know where to get a "long" TRRS plug?
Jack Hartley
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